Monday, May 26, 2008

Where did May go?

It began with their birthday...on 05-03, William turned 5 and Roarke turned 3. It was a big day followed by a birthday brunch with relatives. They weren't overwhelmed with gifts...they were pleased and had plenty of new toys to keep them busy. William was so excited for everything. Roarke, being 3, opened the first gift and was frustrated that he had to open more - he figured it out in the end.

Grandma Patterson turned 77 on May 15 and is still feisty (and busy) as ever. Grandpa Steve turned 59 on May 25 (gotta love that Saz's brunch). Next year - look out...big fun at that 6-0 party!

We decided not to go to Minocqua this year to save a little money (and we're going in August) ...thank you, roof...and we wanted to spend the time at home weeding, mowing, cleaning, playing, all that fun stuff. We had a great time outside a lot! It was a beautiful weekend and we don't regret the decision at all.

Memorial Day 2008...The boys were dressed in their matching "Proud Grandson of a WWII veteran" Shirts and matching shorts. We did the Greendale parade where my 8th graders were the band and the Stewarts were nice enough to sit with us. We then went to Burlington for Chocolate fest...we met up with our friends (The Gonzalez's) and did rides and fair food and all that good stuff. It was good fun, we got some sun, and all were ready for naps by 3pm!

All in all, a great day, weekend, the month of May!

2.5 weeks left of the 2007-08 school year!!!!!


Liz said...

Happy Birthday to the boys! Time flies fast! 2 weeks until summer...what a great feeling!

Ted said...

Hi! I was bored, so I googled my last name, Mlenar. My name is Ted I am 25 and live in Little Canada, MN. My dad Is Howard. My grandparents are Thomas and Mary. Mlenar isnt a very common name so I thought I would say hi to your family. I have started my own family. I have son Quentin, and I am expecting another baby in October. Hope to hear from you.

Steve said...

I suppose we can't forget the 6-0. I thought the big 6-0 meant I was going to be 6 feet tall next year. That would be something to celebrate.